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Our Core Focus

Outsourcing Services

Queby Communication (QuebyCom) is a young and vibrant organization which is part of the Queby Group of Companies established from the year 1993. QuebyCom was formed with a great mindset from the Business Process Outsourcing services and expanding its business operation in the areas of outsourcing. Expand

Outbound Call Center Services

Apart from Telemarketing Services, we also can be able to perform Outbound Call Center Services for clients’ who would like to verify data, conduct survey, follow up calls on campaign or product launching and many other services related to reaching out to the customers.

Inbound Call Center Services

Our infra and technology is uniquely design to handle clients’ Inbound Contact Center Business Operation efficiently from any part of the world. We also have the capacity to manage various languages in handling customers’ requests, enquiries, complaints and etc.

Email & Social Media

Email and Social Media has now become the main platform for many customers to reach out to the service providers. Having this in mind, we have expanded our operation to manage these services for our clients efficiently.

Telemarketing Services

We have the expertise in the Telemarketing Services with the right skillset  of the team who are over-achieving clients’ targeted goals at all times. This is another milestone for us to have our clients keep coming back to us with more business opportunities. With our IP based outbound system, all outbound call charges are at least 50% cheap.

Back Office Services

Reduce costs & address your data management and Administration requirements. Quality Assurance is a vital component in this process.

Technical Support Services

Outsourcing the IT operation become more beneficial for the client particularly embracing with the latest technology and infra to support the business operation. We have the team who can manage our clients’ entire IT operation cost efficiently.

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