About Us

We are a very innovative and excellent business services provider particularly in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).  Our aim is to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers to help their business growth higher by optimizing their experiences in business strategy development through execution.

QUEBY COMMUNICATION has been around for more than 18 years; we have established a good business track record with our customers especially in the banking industry.  We have grown significantly in terms of business and clientele during the past 18 years and our market caption has placed us as a top achiever in the industry.  Our delivery centers are located at various locations in Malaysia (6 Center) Singapore and Australia to deliver quality services to our customers at their expected level.

We always believe our people, technology and processes keep us on the move to deliver services that satisfy our customer need. Our innovative solution for customers includes the chatbot with Artificial Intelligence (AI) where customers will eventually do not require to hire more people to do the customer service jobs.

We always want to explore new technology to deliver the best in quality services for our customers.

Operational Model

The QUEBY COMMUNICATION team will support every aspect of your offshore presence. We aim to make outsourcing: Simple, Efficient and Effective.  We will work with you to ensure that your required business processes are performed as per your specifications. In the instance that these processes are new we will work with you to create them using straightforward steps.

We will develop a team for you which will be an extension of your local team with open lines of communication and a focus on relationship building. We also factor Quality Assurance metrics into all campaigns to ensure your team is meeting your expectations in every way. You will be provided with regular reports to show the progress of your offshore team. Regular contact with the OA management team is encouraged.


Our Management team will train your offshore team to work efficiently and effectively so that they will meet and exceed set KPI’s. Training will be ongoing as required. Your onshore team may be involved with training as deemed necessary. This may include relevant members of your onshore team visiting the Delivery Centers to train your offshore team if necessary. Topics such as information security and in alignment with this the QUEBY COMMUNICATION Company Code of Discipline will be covered in full.

All OA new hire staff go through a “transition period” where they are extensively tested before they become fully fledged members of the team. This ensures that you will have the highest quality offshore
team members.


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